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I do my best to make all four conventions for both the American Concrete Institute and ASTM C09 - Committee on Concrete & Aggregates, D08 - Committee on Roofing & Waterproofing and G01 - Committee on Corrosion of Metals each year.  I sit on various committees & associations that allow me to listen and learn the most cutting-edge information from the coolest and smartest minds in our industry.  I almost always attend World of Concrete and Conn/Agg in the same effort to see what's coming out to the marketplace.  I spend more and more time with the American Shotcrete Association, the local Design Build Institute of America, the local and state Structural Engineers Associations, a couple of AGC chapters and as many local CSI and RCI meetings as I can.  And a big fan of the National Ready Mix Concrete Association.

I cover all of California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona and Hawaii.  Hawaii is constantly represented by the World Famous OK Hardware & Construction Supply, Mr. Kimo Scott.  If you're outside of those states, I'll find someone local that is coached up about the same as me.



Since the early 1900s when concrete has sprung forward as the premier building material, we've added silicates to the surface of concrete in an effort to impart denser, waterproofing characteristics. We've now refined those formulas and turned them into Integral Concrete Admixitures; that can't be misplaced as was previously the norm.  Automatic installation of your most key areas of concern (Moisture/Vapor Emissions, Water/Damp Proofing, Long-Term Shrinkage, etc.) controlled systems all with improved Rheology - the Vapor Lock systems.

We have the below presentation that is offered with a nice hosted breakfast, lunch or evening wine catering - 

  • Benefits of Ultra Low Permeability Concrete in the Building Envelope & Beyond

The presentation focuses on all the issues (from floors to roofs) that can be affected by water and moisture and all the areas that an Ultra Low Permeability concrete is beneficial.    Designed and Presented  around  the  Institute  for  Sustainable  Infrastructures's  Envision Sustainable Professionals (ENV SP) format.  It can be as generic or as proprietary as required.  LEED AP, ASCE PDHs and AIA/CES credits are available, with ENV SP continuing hours coming soon.

If you're serious about

  • Reducing RISK

  • GUARANTEEING all your critical paths involving your concrete

  • Enjoying the most substantial VALUE ENGINEERING possible

  • All under the Strongest Sustainability Proposition of moving towards DOUBLING the lifespan of your reinforced concrete

from either the Design & Specifications side or the Means & Method side - we will come to you; just say when and where!


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