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Vapor Lock - The Whole Story 

Brochure on the family of Vapor Lock admixtures and relevant Testing.

Moisture/Vapor Reducing Admixture (MVRA).   For Warranted and Insured FLOORING, ROOFING, PAINT AND ALL ARCHITECTURAL COATING Installations (Both veritical and horizontal applications).

Vapor Lock 20/20 Brochure

Vapor Lock 20/20 PDS

Vapor Lock 20/20 Q/C Protocol

Vapor Lock MVRA Specification

*Commercial Ready Mix suppliers please use corresponding PDS for mix design submittals.

Shrinkage Reducing Admixture (SRA) + Ultra Low Permeability Admixture = Water/Damp Proofing.   For walls (poured-in-place and shotcrete), decks (pre-stressed & post tensioned) and slab-on-grade applications; for plain or reinforced concrete.

Vapor Lock 20/21  Brochure

Vapor Lock 20/21  PDS

Vapor Lock Waterproofing Details


Shrinkage Reducing Admixture (SRA) + Ultra Low Permeability Admixture + Robust Ferrous Film = Corrosion Inhibiting Admixture.  The same base as 20/21 with a migrating, robust ferrous electrochemical film that encapsulates all steel; for all applications.

Vapor Lock 40/40 Brochure

Vapor Lock 40/40 PDS

VL40_40 Exhibit.png

Disruptive Elastomer System.  The flash-setting, universally flexible cold, two-part spray that adheres to just about anything.  Economical, flexible water and gas containment barrier system; positive side and blindside applications.  When combined with the Vapor Lock admixture system, qualifies for the $20,000,000 CAD per project, non-aggregate insurance system.

ShieldWall 39  Brochure


Soil Stabilization = Complex Nano Silica Formulas for Cement replacement and topical treatments; effective for your entire construction project, material stockpiles, service roads, solar/wind farms and vineyards.

Vapor Lock 555 Brochure


+ Vapor Lock Admixture Dosing

+ Lunch-n-Learn Invite

+ Hawaii 40/41 Spec Data Sheet

+ Warranty & Insurance Info

+ Mission Statement; Durability


        ~~~~  TESTING/RESEARCH DATA ~~~~

+ Corrosion Study Summary Report

   (ASTM C1582 Certified Corrosion

    Inhibiting Admixture Data)


+ Chemical Penetration of Concrete

   Tests - ASTM C1152M

+ ASTM C876 Half-Cell with Cracked

   Beam/Ponding Tests

+ ASTM G109 Cracked Beam/Ponding




All the Vapor Lock admixture systems, soil stabilization systems, and Shieldwall products hold a current NSF Incidental Water Contact certificate*

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