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Our Value Proposition

Starting Premise = CONCRETE IS WONDERFUL                

Concrete and Steel is arguably one of the greatest building synergies in the history of mankind. The foundation for every city and our daily infrastructure only exists because of Concrete & Steel - Practical & Beautiful.

but, Concrete is Not Solid and does Not Last Forever                                                                         
Unfortunately, concrete is NOT completely solid and has a finite life span.  Because concrete is an aquaeous solution (containing water) it dries, cures and hydrates (3 distinct actions) that all involve the release of water/moisture.  This water/moisture takes up space.  A normal 0.45 w/cm ratio mix design will have approximately 10.73% air voids or capillaries once dried (at around 28 days). It is this "permeance" of concrete that is it's 'Achille's Heal' - allowing deletarious material to enter concrete and do debilitating damage, ending a structure's life cycle.  Please reference professors Thomas and Jennings work in the first footnote - A

Early (circa 1950's) research,  clearly showed that a "disrupted" capillary system will significantly lower the permeance of concrete....and thus defeat the "transport system" so detrimental in concrete. B  This one action alone, may be the most important function in combating water/damp proofing, moisture/vapor proofing and fighting all kinds of steel corrosion; chloride, sulfate, and MIC. At the heart of our technologies, are several industry leading pozzolanic Integral Admixtures that swiftly and permanently disrupt the formation and function of the capillary system.  They achieve this by creating additional c-s-h product - cement hydration.  No ultra-low mix design restrictions ~ but everyday concrete mixes used in large production situations; Designed, Targeted and Tested to reach an Ultra Low Permeability Concrete - naturally, through pozzolanic (SCMs) action/re-hydration admixtures.




Today, the term Sustainability is one of the most overused terms out there. Our Value (and Sustainability) Propositions are pretty straight forward:

  • Providing a superior method in protecting all flooring, coatings and roofing against moisture/vapor emissions and insuring pristine indoor air quality,

  • Water/Damp and Methane Proofing all below-grade concrete structures within a 20-Year Performance Warranty system with concrete admixtures and the most ingenious disruptive membrane system available,

  • Providing for the most effective 'heavy duty' joint design/bridging system for concrete slabs & paving,

  • Providing the most advanced, affordable and user-friendly concrete corrosion inhibiting admixtures available,

All under the Better, Faster and Less Expensive project delivery models.

Colombo_Grimmway_Arvin 021.jpg

A - Materials of Cement Science Primer.  Principal Investigators: Professors Hamlin Jennings and Jeffery Thomas; Page 55; Highlighted sections.

B - Chemistry of Cement; Powers, Copeland & Mann.  Originally printed in 1955.  pages 592-593 (page 36 of pdf).


"Disrupting the capillary system in normal concrete may be the one, greatest tool we have in defeating the transport system in concrete today...."

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