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Concrete and Steel is arguably one of the greatest building synergies in the history of mankind.  The foundation of every city in every country....beautiful and practicle.

Unfortunately, concrete is NOT completely solid and has a finite life span.  Because concrete is an aquaeous solution (containing water) it dries, cures and hydrates (3 distinct actions) that all involve the release of water/moisture.  This water/moisture takes up space.  A normal 0.45 w/cm ratio mix design will have approximately 10.73% air voids or capillaries once dried (at around 28 days).A  It is this "permeance" of concrete that is it's 'Achille's Heal' - allowing deletarious material to enter concrete and do debilitating damage, ending a structure's life cycle.


From early research in the 1950's, we've learned that a "disrupted" capillary system will lower the permeance (permeability/resistivity) greatly....and thus inhibit the process of chloride, sulfates, water and gas penetration inwards through concrete and initiating steel/reinforcement corrosion.B  The core of our line are several industry-leading pozzolanic Integral Admixtures that swiftly and permanently Disrupt the formation and function of the capillary system in normal portland-cement based concrete.  No ultra-low mix design restrictions ~ but everyday concrete mixes used in large production situations. Designed, targeted and tested to reach an Ultra Low Permeability Concrete - naturally, through cement re-hydration.


Today, the term Sustainability is one of the most overused terms out there. Our pozzolanic admixtures are just one part of a system - an intelligent concrete mix design.  The results are a denser, superior piece of concrete that exhibits significantly less Long-Term Shrinkage, state-of-the-art Ultra Low Permeability, a more monolithic unichrome color, and when used with proper “ways & means” (i.e. adequate concrete coverage), will extend both the initiation and propagation stages of encased steel corrosion.  All our admixtures are priced and supplied by your local commercial ready-mix concrete producers, and should be considered at multiple levels of design where Risk is involved. Wether moisture/vapor concerns are effecting flooring installation critical paths, or a heavy water proofing schedule has your hands tied - our admixtures are an intelligent option, and worthy of consideration.  Our ultimate goal ~ to practically Double the Life Cycle of your concrete structure Better, Faster & Cheaper than any other system available.    -- JK

A - Materials of Cement Science Primer.  Principal Investigators: Professors Hamlin Jennings and Jeffery Thomas; http://www.iti.northwestern.edu/publications/utc/tea-21/fr-5-jennings-thomas.pdf  Page 55.

B - Chemistry of Cement; Powers, Copeland & Mann.  Originally printed in 1955.  https://nvlpubs.nist.gov/nistpubs/Legacy/MONO/nbsmonograph43v2.pdf  pages 592-593 (35 of pdf)

C - Portland Cement Association - https://www.cement.org/learn/concrete-technology/durability/corrosion-of-embedded-materials


- is a proven and effective technology at naturally and permanently disrupting

the normal capillary system in concrete, greatly inhibiting the "Transportability" mechanism in reinforced concrete.  All the significant areas of corrosion are addressed and can be inhibited;

  • Chloride Ion Intrusion/Chloride Corrosion

  • Calcium Oxychloride Attack

  • Sulfate Attack

  • Alkali Silica Reaction

  • Carbonation

  • Microbiologically Induced Corrosion (MIC)

To better understand and drive the innovation and testing of Integrally adding micro-Silicates to concrete to permanently disrupt the capillary system, we've participated in over 90 specific committees through the American Concrete Institute, RILEM, NACE, and ASTM C09 - Concrete & Aggregates, and ASTM G01 - Corrosion of Metals.  To date, we are most pleased with Dr. Tyler Ley's Penetration Testing in discerning best a "disrupted capillary system" in a concrete specimen 




Please review and understand our protocols and results as we illustrate our technology the best way we can, with the latest -


December 2019
Investigating Liquid Admixtures that Provide a Dual Protection to
Steel Reinforcement Corrosion in Concrete


~~which includes~~

Nano Computed Tomography (nCT) Test results (Modified ASTM C1152)


ASTM C876 Standard Test Method for Corrosion Potentials of

Uncoated Reinforcing Steel in Concrete (Half Cell Readings)


ASTM G109 Standard Test Method for Determining Effects of Chemical Admixtures on Corrosion of Embedded Steel Reinforcement in Concrete Exposed to Chloride Environments