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ASTM C494 Type S Admixture

                                    MasterFormat Involving Logik MVRA 900

                                      03 00 00 Concrete -
                                      03 30 00 Cast-in-Place Concrete
                                      03 40 00 Precast Concrete
                                      03 50 00 Cast Decks and Underlayment
                                      07 00 00 Thermal and Moisture Protection -
                                      09 00 00 Finishes -
                                      09 60 00 Flooring
                                      09 70 00 Wall Finishes
                                      09 90 00 Painting and Coating

mvra 900 pic.png

Product Data Sheet


Authorizatino to Proceed





Product Transparency



Product Declaration

*Cut Sheet should be submitted with all concrete mix designs with Logik MVRA 900.

**The last four documents are samples and can be crafted for each specific project using MVRA 900 admixture.

Logik MVRA 900 is a Liquid Silicate Admixture designed and manufactured by ISE Logik for concrete.  It contains various nano-silicas and hydroxides that work as pozzolans (with the cement and "extra" mix water) to produce additional calcium silicate hydrate (c-s-h) that floods the cement matrix, quickly and permanently disrupting the capillary system so detrimental to concrete.


Logik MVRA 900 is sold through the commercial ready-mix concrete producers and is a critical material listed on the certified "Batch Ticket".  Logik MVRA 900 is dosed in the beginning of the mixing process (goes in with the head waters) and is added according to the amount of cement, fly ash and slag in your mix - an automatic process of protection that can't be misplaced or mis-installed.  Logik MVRA 900 is a supplemental cementitious material (scm) working with other scm's or just cement to provide the most substantial density and "non-breathability" to concrete.

The Logik MVRA 900 technology is the latest and most advanced system in addressing moisture/vapor emissions with a whole new way in "specifying out" this time consuming and expensive problem.  Every kind of expensive moisture "in-sensitive" flooring has been adhered to Logik MVRA 900 Concrete flawlessly with a two-tiered Lifetime of the Concrete Warranty - for both moisture/vapor emissions and adhesion.

Logik MVRA 900 can be budgeted in the eleven cents ($0.11) a square foot, per inch of concrete thickness, installed, range.  i.e. $0.55 a square foot for a 5" thick slab.  Check with your ready-mix salesman for your cubic yard, premium price.  Beyond the installed cost, ZERO MOISTURE TESTING is required.  But if you do test, Logik MVRA 900 is Warranted to 25 lbs. (calcium chloride test - ASTM F1869) and 100% RH (in-situ - ASTM F2170).


The Ugly...


Because of the crucial relationship between the bond of the concrete surface, adhesive, and flooring or roofing (architectural coatings as well) used, ISE Logik in tandem with the largest adhesive manufacturer on the planet, have done exhaustive testing as to the affect the Logik admixture will have as part of your system.  Please review the "memos" to the right in addressing compatibility issues and take it straight from the leader - and demand the same from all your options.

and the Dangerous.

When Design doesn't meet Means and Methods.......

The principals at ISE Logik have thought this "situation" out as completely as possible and deliver their message in one of the most timely and relevant accredited presentations - watch for yourself today!

Add the most current MVRA specification and effective solution to your "specs"....

The Backstory - 

Back in 1998, the Environmental Protection Agency "legislated" it's way clear of all the high Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in all paints, sealants, coatings, and ADHESIVES.  The days when your choice of adhesives was in the 10,000s parts per million of VOCs are gone. Today, adhesives are up to 50% water and contain only 100-300 parts per million of VOCs. The least bit of moisture, in the form of vapor or mist (think of water passing through a semi-permeable object) moves up from either the sub-base (mother earth) and/or from within the concrete itself (17 gallons plus per cubic yard of "extra mix" water) to the surface and "re-wets" the adhesive.  The damage is seen in blisters, bubbles, ripples, delamination, etc. in the flooring and is responsible for over a billion dollars each year in failures.  That same moisture/ vapor feeds the growth of mold and bacteria, destroys indoor air quality and corrodes every circuit board (computers!) in the environment.



Once your concrete is in place, your options are limited.  The three time-tested topical two-part epoxies (as prescribed by ASTM F710) Koster, Ardex, and Aquafin; are good.  Good and expensive.  On a good day, about $7.00 a square foot, installed - your only choice, up until about 2008.  


The Best-Practice, Logical Fix -

The specifying/design and construction community has slowly moved towards MVRAs in their "high use" moisture insensitive flooring applications.  There's a number of these liquid silicate admixtures addressing this area of concern out in the marketplace ~ I've sold some of them!  Logik's MVRA 900 is the best.  The best in performance, testing, warranty and service.  The results are well documented and extensive.  A liquid silicate admixture introduced directly into the concrete mix, sold by all the major commercial ready-mix providers in California.  Liquid silicates have been used for over a 100 years in varying applications.  This particular liquid silicate, Logik MVRA 900 will provide a fast, complete and permanent "internal" capillary break in your concrete, allowing you to install any flooring, roofing and coating product over it - in as little as 21 days.  With two levels of Warranty and a flawless record to date.  As a discerning builder or designer with any 'skin in the game' as to your critical paths and/or budgets, we hope you'll consider a quality vapor retarder and Logik MVRA 900 in your concrete mix - for a sub-$1 a square foot fix.

ISE Logik products and systems are the most well thought-out approaches in addressing flooring, roofing, painting and architectural coating installation over concrete on the market today.  The best approach in Eliminating Risk and Guaranteeing Critical Paths with all products, systems, and trades having to do with concrete - the most Sustainable approach too!

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