ASTM C494 Type S Admixture

                                              MasterFormat Involving DRICRETE

                                        03 00 00 Concrete -
                                        03 30 00 Cast-in-Place Concrete
                                        03 37 00 Specialty Placed Concrete/Shotcrete
                                        03 40 00 Precast Concrete
                                        03 50 00 Cast Decks and Underlayment
                                        03 70 00 Mass Concrete 

                                        07 00 00 Thermal and Moisture Protection -
                                        07 01 00 Operation & Maintenance of Thermal                                                         & Moisture Protection 
                                        07 10 00 Dampproofig & Waterproofing 
                                        07 16 00 Cementitious & Reactive                                                                             Waterproofing 

The Backstory

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Historically the most common way to "protect" structural/reinforced Concrete has been traditional water/damp proofing membranes; peel-n-stick, glued, nailed, rolled on and sheets.  The detail above says it all.... On the left, a popular Grace system that's been around for years. A number of products carefully glued and taped into position.  Seperate trades that must be coordinated to come back several different times between plumbing and concrete installations. On the right, an integral concrete admixture detail.  A proprietary 'swellstop' mortar product installed properly at joints.  Perhaps an 'Enjecto Tube' system for higher risk environments.  Period.  Now in your mind, what system has the greatest risk of failure?  There are close to a 100 of these jobs that have been in service for years on the West Coast.  The learning curve is in place to easily cut $8 to $35 a square foot off your "Waterproofing" line - No more Finger Pointing - And most importantly, if there is a leak with this system....that's where the fix is - drill, inject, patch/sack....done.

Image_Water_Large_NoText (003).jpg

Today, DRICRETE is the state-of-the-art answer to changing the overall nature of Concrete - normal concrete with a permeance in the 20 - 200 US Perm range with the addition of DRICRETE is lowered to a warranted, tested and insured level of ultra-low permeability.  Water/Damp Proofing delivered in your concrete.

Historically Speaking

Waterproofing has always been one of the larger contracts on a project; usually just behind steel and concrete in expense - but always an Imperfect Trade with a heavy footprint of waste...

Product Applications -  Foundations, Foundations....and more Foundations!

With teams of guys on perfect, uninterrupted walls in the installation brochures....


 Reality is...

...far different with dozens of rakers....and hundreds of tie-backs on a congested construction site.

Throw in a few weeks delay with some wind and rain....

and let the finger pointing begin....


and Concrete does NOT adhere well to any kind of membrane - period.

DRICRETE can be budgeted in the sub-$5.00 a square foot, installed, range - COMPLETE.  Integral admixture in the concrete, proprietary joint and penetration prep, constant field installation supervision AND a 20-Year Performance Warranty..."if it leaks, we'll fix it."


Throughout California (and the west coast) there has been a documented and established track-record of projects where owner/developers have consistently saved time, saved money and drastically lowered their construction risk levels by eliminating traditional water/damp proofing membranes.  Because of the land values in Southern California, the norm is to create tenant parking below a building (Type I Building Construction); often called subterranean foundations.  Historically we've "protected" these structural concrete structures with membranes; liquid, sheets, and plastics....all to varying degrees of success.  Today, that old risky path of failure has been interrupted.  Every day we are proving ourselves by tackling the traditionally most difficult waterproofing jobs - below grade, blind-side Waterproofing - with a flawless record-to-date.

main drawing of service and products C.p

Dricrete will save you a minimum 1 week for each subterranean level,

Far more predictable and reliable form of

damp/water proofing, 

NO Pre-Activation of bentonite products and

  Lightest carbon/land-fill footprint available,

Less than $5.00 a square foot; installed and

a flawless 20 Year Performance Warranty,



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