• MVRA - Moisture Vapor Reducing Admxiture

  • Flawless, Lifetime of Concrete AND Adhesion Warranty

  • The perfect solution for every type of Flooring, CoatingPaint, Epoxy and Roofing system.

  • Can be budgeted at eleven cents ($0.11) a square foot, per inch of concrete thickness - installed


Quality manufacturer, made in the USA, owned and operated by seasoned flooring industry pros.  Provides ~

MVRA 900 Admixture
MVBA 500 - Moisture Vapor
Barrier Adhesive for Resilient Flooring
  • Simple 1-part system

  • Strong early grab, fastcuring formula

  • High-strength, waterproof bond

  • Self-leveling technology reduces telegraphing

  • Intact vapor retarder membrane NOT required


  • 1-part system increases ease of install

  • pH blocker protects from alkali attack

  • Fast, 8-hour cure time improves efficiency

  • LEED v4 contributing


  • Comes with seperate Bond Enhancer component.

MVEC 710 - Moisture Vapor
 Sealer (UP TO 100% rh)

Hycrete version 2.0   -     The  complete

20-Year Performance Service Warranty Waterproofing system.  Provides ~

  • Private labeled by one of the premier admixture companies to exact Southern California material rheology and demands

  • Crystalline "Re-Hydration" Technology - refined to be truly "set neutral"

  • All joint prep, pour layout, and penetration prep necessary

  • Complete serviced installation from the first day's pour to significant completion.

  • Two-component, Elastomer modified liquid rubber system by Neptune Coatings

  • Complete Water & Gas containment - water-based (zero vocs) membrane (LA City RR)

  • High adhesion to concrete & over 900% "conditioned" elongation

  • Spray & Trowel grade; spray sets in seconds

  • Can be built up over an 1.5 inches with out sagging or dripping

  • Perfect compliment in 'high-risk' areas in conjunction with Integral Waterproofing admixtures.

BoMetals - American made, the dowel system made famous by the smart folks at SSI.

Elite Plastiforms - Plastic, flexible form system located centrally for Southern California in Irvine.

The old Alabama Bagging Co. stops private labeling and goes direct with the leading Macro-Synthetic "structural" fiber.

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