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Products & Services 

MVRA 900 Admixture

A proven concrete admixture that completely takes moisture/vapor issues 'off the table' for all floors and roofs better than any other alternative system - whatever kind of flooring, roofing and coatings you're using.

Complete Building Foundation Waterproofing

The complete Foundation Water & Damp Proofing Enclosure system.  Entails a state-of-the-art "crystalline growth" Permeability Reducing Admixture, an ingenious joint and penetration system, constant 24/7 Field Service & Q/C, and all wrapped in a "no fuss" 20-Year Performance Warranty - "If it leaks....we'll fix it!"


The Legacy of the late Roy Johnson's genius Encap with it's volumous testing with the strongest, most beautiful stucco material on the planet....combined with Arisfor, Forta Corps. Sr. Reps specifying it all over the world.

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Since 1989 BoMetals has led in USA-made Concrete Accessories.  From PVC Waterstops, to Adeka's joint treatments, to the industry's most researched and tested Durable load transfer dowel and plate system on the market.  All crucial components for today's rigorous structural and plain concrete requirements.


High-End Commercial Coatings

West Coast architectural coatings contracting, installing some of the most unique and effective coatings in the industry -  a cold, spray applied, two-part elastomer able to be applied against any substrate, with the ability to act as a methane barrier (backed by an LARR).


CWPA 800 Corrosion Inhibiting Admixture

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Driving the evolution through testing and case studies of the most effective and easy to use Multi-Corrosion Inhibiting admixtures available.  The most economical way to quickly, permanently, and severely disrupt the capillary system in OPC concrete - the truest form of Concrete Durability & Sustainability.

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