"Durability Consultants is Factory Licensed to represent products and services most relevant in today's Building Industry.  Our products offer the greatest value propositions available today.  Focused in Southern California, we are centered around bridging the gap from project inception all the way through a project's operational stage.  We work with designers/specifiers, elite constructors and owners to fulfill the most relevant, useful and timely product/system information possible; while supporting the highest value in safety, functionality, and sustainability.   

All of our systems are state-of-the art in their field; Superior in Form & Function and EASIER, usually much, much easier.  They will be less Expensive and of the highest quality avalable, and you will save Time - Period." 

-- Jim Kaylor

Jim Kaylor                                                 Tel:  310.650.4263                                Email:  jim@DurabilityConsultants.com

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