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"It's not the will to win that matters—everyone has that. It's the will to prepare to win that matters."  - Paul 'Bear' Bryant 

Durability Consultants are concrete experts located in the Western USA and we are prepared.  We focus on the most relevant and important concrete technologies available today.  Starting with highly engineered and tested technologies, our value propositions include:

  • A fast and permanent disrupted capillary system making normal concrete into Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC),

  • Effective shrinkage compensating admixtures,

  • Effective, user-friendly corrosion inhibiting admixtures,

  • Gas/Methane barriers; materials that naturally work with concrete,

  • Ultra-High Performance Mortars; for both vertical and horizontal applications,

  • The most advanced GFRP Reinforcement & Plate/Dowel joint & load-transfer systems available.

Comprehensive testing and manufacturing control give us the greatest ability in personally servicing each technology into your project delivery system.  We have relationships and information crafted for everyone on your project delivery team; Owners, Construction Managers, GCs, sub-contractors, and of course your entire Design Team.  Providing the most Durable Concrete answers ~ and the highest value propositions available today and tomorrow.




Warranted Moisture/Vapor Reducing Admixture System, completely taking moisture/vapor emissions "off the table" for all scheduled flooring, coatings, and roofing applications ~ with a lifetime guarantee.


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Warranted Integral Waterproof Concrete Foundations System. Eliminating (or greatly reducing) traditional membranes with substantial savings in both time and money!  If it leaks....we'll fix it for up 20 years.


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Universal Stucco/Mortar Repair Material.  For fixes or new construction, the most advanced and tested mortar available, with the ability to encase hazardous materials and adhere heavy facades. *Per an EPA memo.

Tested and researched plate systems that are proven to be the most Durable Joint Load Transfer systems available.  Industrial and commercial flooring and all heavy-use pavements.

Working with a licensed and seasoned coatings installer, we offer some the most effective and economical systems in fully containing methane; material and installation.

One of the greatest Value Engineered solutions - state-of-the-art GFRP reinforce-ment.  Not only a complete solution to corrosion, but a savings of 75% less energy in the manufacturing of MST Bar.  Beyond Bar, Inc. is a licensed distributor on the West Coast.





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Better, Faster, Cheaper Products & Systems
All Under the Umbrella of Easier 
that make Concrete, Mortar and Reinforcement more Durable and Long-Lasting...

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