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The majority of our technologies deal with Water in some form or another.  Always the main culprit in lawsuits & debilitating service issues within the Building Envelope - until now.  Our specialty is the quick and permanent Disrupted Capillary System in everyday concrete mixes; consistently, to a tested and warranted level.  Making good concrete.....better!

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Our daily processes are centered around enhancing Value by optimizing Form & Function, while minimizing Costs; from both a Design/Specifying prospective and a Means & Methods (Construction & Management) prospective. - "All of our systems are the state-of-the art in their field; Superior in Form & Function and EASIER, usually much, much easier.  They will be less Expensive and of the highest quality avalable.  And they will save you Time - Period!"  -- Jim Kaylor

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Moisture/Vapor Reducing Admixtures - Since the early 2000s after the Industrial Maintenance Act, flooring, coatings and adhesives have moved to water-based products.  The least bit of moisture/vapor traveling to the concrete surface "re-emulsifies" adhesives, causing expensive delays in installations and fouling indoor air quality.  We have proven & documented answers, that will guarantee all critical paths involving concrete, while eliminating the risk involved in today's truncated construction schedules - both pre and post concete installation.


Known as PRAs - Permeability Reducing Admixtures provide a whole new way of looking at the nature of concrete and your Building Envelope - bringing down the permeance of concrete down into the 0.2 US Perm range, with all natural processes (centered around cement re-hydration) of making more calcium-silicate-hydrate (c-s-h).  The picture on the left says it all....  There is a documentable history of eliminating and greatly reducing traditional membranes and coatings - saving weeks off the construction schedule with eliminated movements and saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in materials.

Another key system that intelligently and efficiently addresses waterproofing and gas containment is a Disruptive Elastomer Membrane - DEM. Used in "high risk" areas; as a stand-alone or in conjunction with a PRA in your concrete, can again eliminate dozens of movements and lend a more predictable and effective outcome to your building envelope.  Fast, easy and economical.

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Steel & Concrete is arguably the greatest synergy of materials our society has enjoyed - the foundation of every city in every country on the planet.  One of the greatest cost we incur in society is the slow and debilitating deterioration of our infrastructure - more specifically, reinforcement corrosion in Concrete.  The main responsibility of Concrete is to protect structural steel (from various forms of corrosion) - we can substantially increase that protection.

Soil Stabilization

The development and manufacturing of Integral Nano/Micro Silicate Admxitures, has allowed experimentation into complimentary industries like soil stabilization and stock pile management.  The addition of cement and lime in soil tilling can be reduced and topical, penetrating silicates can be added to create soils with characteristics similiar to asphalt.  Material stockpiles can enjoy temendous protection as well.


There are times as an owner or developer, that your concrete installation wasn't exactly what you expected - I can help.  Between the most recent technologies and testing gleamed from National and International committees of ACI, ASTM, RILEM & NACE, we can go back and examine where the breakdowns occured - from both Specifications side and Means & Methods side.  We're also available to help craft the latest Sustainable and Durable 03 00 00 Concrete specs.

Performance-Based, Ultra High Serviceability Slab Design - 

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Swinerton Builders/Watry Designs; Terminal 2 Parking Plaza, San Diego International Airport

The San Diego Airport Authority subscribed to a rigorous concrete mix design and construction schedule that was met and exceeded by Swinerton and Watry Design.  To achieve the most sustainable design with the greatest efficiency they choose to replace their conventional SRA in thier low water/cementitous mix design, with an Integral Micro Silicate Admixture.  For a couple of dollars a cubic yard more, they were able to achieve greater shrinkage reduction, AND an Ultra Low Permeability - and thus a more Durable concrete design with superior rheology/handling characteristics. The Design Build Institute of America agreed....

2019 DBIA Western Pacific Region Design Excellence Award.


Definition: the ability of a material to resist weathering action, chemical attack, abrasion, and other conditions of service.- ACI Concrete Terminology

Durability is the ability to last a long time without significant deterioration. A durable material helps the environment by conserving resources and reducing wastes and the environmental impacts of repair and replacement. The production of replacement building materials depletes natural resources and can produce air and water pollution.

Concrete resists weathering action, chemical attack, and abrasion while maintaining its desired engineering properties. Different concretes require different degrees of durability depending on the exposure environment and the properties desired. Concrete ingredients, their proportioning, interactions between them, placing and curing practices, and the service environment determine the ultimate durability and life of the concrete.

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