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durability admixtures

We offer only time-tested proven technologies that offer a fast, permanent, disrupted capillary system in concrete.  Our goal ~ to defeat the "mass transport" system in portland cement-based concrete.  Period.

Time and tens of thousands of cubic yards of concrete has show that Secondary Cement Hydration can, and is the best vehicle to get us there.  Secondary Cement??  Hydration??  A fancy way of saying "extra" or "amplified" cement hydration product....or more appropriately, more calcium-silicate-hydrate (c-s-h).

Normal cement mechanics (hydration) gives us c-s-h and calcium hydroxide.  c-s-h is good; all the best parts or "glue" that holds a properly graded aggregate mix together.  Calcium hydroxide, more of the weaker stuff; more permeable, less strength.  We use siliceous/pozzalonic materials to react with water and calcium hydroxide to make more c-s-h.  Natural, automatic enhancement.  Stable, consistent products sold through the commercial ready-mix producers.


*Note - It's important to remember, this is the same basic way fly ash and slag work.  Those are "by-products" we started using to "hide" them.  It worked.  There is very little quality fly ash and slag left to use on the West Coast.  An even bigger reason to entertain Durability Admixtures!

CWPA 800

The most effective liquid "crystalline growth" siliceous and pozzolanic admixture available anywhere...made by

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