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durability admixtures

We offer only time-tested proven technologies that offer a fast, permanent, disrupted capillary system in concrete.  Our goal ~ to defeat the "mass transport" system in portland cement-based concrete.  Period.

Time and thousands of cubic yards of concrete has show that Secondary Cement Hydration can, and is the best vehicle to get us there.  Secondary Cement??  Hydration??  A fancy way of saying "extra" or "amplified" cement hydration product....or more appropriately, more calcium-silicate-hydrate (c-s-h).

Normal cement mechanics (hydration) gives us c-s-h and calcium hydroxide.  C-s-h is good; all the best parts or "glue" that holds a properly graded aggregate mix together.  Calcium hydroxide, more of the weaker stuff; more permeable, less strength.  We use siliceous/pozzalonic materials to react with water and calcium hydroxide to make more c-s-h.  Natural, automatic enhancement.  Stable, consistent products sold through the commercial ready-mix producers.


CWPA 800

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