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Durability Consultants is the 'alter ego' of Jim Kaylor.  Second generation building industry professional.  The ole man (also Jim Kaylor) spent 25 years in the cement industry and then another 20 years pioneering fibers in concrete here on the West Coast.  This foundation and the ability to take in large amounts of information allows me to understand the true nature of concrete (and cement chemistry), tying everything back through my long-term, intimate knowledge of the commercial ready-mix producers in and around California.  A true 'disciple' of Structural Concrete; from design, testing and production, I can operate with my manufacturers and customers at a tremendous tempo while maintaining an un-matched level of quality control; with both new and post-construction methods and systems.

Resized_20220714_080435 (002).jpeg

On the left, "field" Jim.  Continual field inspection of all my products and systems.  ACI and ASA certified; nozzleman & inspector.  A number of certifications including shotcrete, tilt-up, paving and number of other concrete disciplines; including CSI's Construction Document Technologist (CDT).

On the right, "office" Jim.  Going on 1,467-something Lunch-n-Learns and Product Round Tables; presenting to most of the premier design (both architectural and engineering) firms, as well as General Contracting and Management companies on the West Coast. 

Two guy.  And why is there an 's' after Consultant...  Because you're not working with me/Jim Kaylor.  You're working with the dozens of men and women from each and every ACI National Committee...every ASTM committee....Rilem committee....local ACI Chapter....AIA, DBIA, LCI, PCI, SEAOC, etc.  Literally hundreds of the most informed minds in the industry, continually growing and leading our way into the future.

PS - The background pic is the Terminal 2 Parking Plaza (T2PP) at the San Diego Airport where we supplied 25,000 cubic yards of Durability Enhancing admixture providing lower permeability and superior shrinkage reduction ~ Swinerton's pic and winner of the 2019 DBIA National Design-Build Merit Award in Aviation.

- Jim Kaylor


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