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Technology Corner


Materials of Cement Science Primer
Principal Investigators: Professors Hamlin Jennings and Jeffery Thomas

If you want to get "coached up" with your cement chemistry....this is the ONE piece that is a must.

Real World Technologies....

Always love when an admixture presentation ends with "...and concrete finishers love it!"  Yeah, I don't think concrete finishers love anything...maybe not even themselves, but that's a another, long story.  What our technologies offer is simply....your concrete installers/finishers will complain less!  Our admixtures are for real world projects.  No Super Plasticizers (high-range) required.  No extra handling or mix design changes.  No flashing.  No retarding.  Admixtures that handle about as "set neutral" as possible and still have tremendous, permanent and reduced Disrupted Capillary System.

A quality MVRA is simply the best, fastest, cheapest and EASIEST way to defeat flooring, coatings and roofing issues ~ I have 100s of thousands of square feet of each in perfect service to date, throughout Southern California


Del Oro High School; Bakersfield, CA


Medical Suite; Culver City, CA


Viasat; San Diego, CA


Menifee Justice Center; Menifee, CA


Viasat; San Diego, CA


Viasat; San Diego, CA


Del Oro High School; Bakersfield, CA

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